Víctor Gómez Ayala and Pola Strauss Seidler have a more than 35 years of combined experience in analytics, economics, and finance.


Víctor Hugo Gómez Ayala

Víctor Gómez Ayala is an economist and political scientist specializing in data science, applied macroeconomics, public finance, and energy policy. 

He has led analytics and economic analysis teams in the financial sector and acted as Chief Economic Adviser to the Deputy Revenues Minister at the Mexican Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. 

Víctor contributed to implementing the 2013 energy reform in the hydrocarbon and electricity sectors and the fiscal consolidation process that concluded in 2018. 

He has been a professor of advanced macroeconomics at ITAM for nine years and is currently writing his thesis to receive a Ph.D. in Economics from the same institution.


Pola Strauss Seidler
Managing Partner

Throughout her career, Pola Strauss Seidler has combined an innovative vision with outstanding leadership skills. She has not only excelled in the private sector, but has also played important roles during two Presidential Administrations, as well as being an important contributor at the Mexican Consulate in San Diego. Most recently Pola served as CAO at a prominent nonprofit.

Pola’s greatest strengths have always been her perception and her innate skills in team building and management. She sees more clearly than most what needs to be done and how to do it, then she assembles a highly skilled team to make it happen.

 Much of her skill as a leader arises from her experience as an academic and a professor. Her studies have reinforced her naturally detail-oriented focus, and her experience as a beloved professor empower to not only lead her team but, more than anything else, inspire them. As such, Pola is the ultimate project executive.